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dérivés argent en forte baisse / statistiques Bri

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Messagedérivés argent en forte baisse / statistiques Bri
par g.sandro Jeu 7 Juil 2011 - 0:05


La BRI divise ses chiffres par 2.18...All the silver is gone, gone, gone :

BIS Changed Silver Data

(From $203 to $93 Billion in Silver Liabilities?)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, July 6th, 2011

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has changed, or revised,
their silver derivatives data in their derivatives reports. The change took
place between their June, 2010 report, and their December, 2010 report, for the
period of June, 2009. The change was from $203 billion in "other precious
metals" liabilities, changed down to $93 billion.

The change took place,
in Table 22A: Amounts outstanding of OTC equity-linked and commodity
derivatives, By instrument and counterparty, in the category of "other precious
metals", for June, 2009, Notional amounts outstanding.

In June, 2009,
the silver price was about $15/oz.

This means that the $203 billion silver liability divided
by $15/oz. shows that all the banks in the world that are tracked by the BIS
owed 13.5 billion ounces of silver.

But the entire world silver mining
production is only about 700 million oz. of silver annually, so this is an
admission that the banks owed about 19.3 years worth of world annual mine
production of silver.

The adjustment, from $203 billion, down to $93
billion was a drop of $110 billion, or more than half of the number! The lower
number, $93 billion, is still absurdly large, at about 6.2 billion oz. of
silver, or about 8.8 years of worth of world annual mine production of

The obviously large and very excessive amounts are the smoking
gun of silver fraud by the western world's banks.

This BIS data is
extremely important, because it is far larger than the excessive short selling
amounts often noted at the COMEX, which typically is only about 1 billion ounces
of silver, or less.

I attended the CFTC open hearings on silver
manipulation. A banking representative was asked directly what the banks were
hedging by being so massively short of silver at the COMEX. The answer was that
the banks were "hedging client long positions in the OTC market". That's
obviously an admission of manipulation, because client long positions do not
need to be hedged, since the client obviously wants to be exposed to the changes
in the silver prices, which is why they bought silver to be held by the large
LBMA member banks in the first place. So if the banks are hedging client long
positions, it means that the bank has not bought the silver, and that they want
to prevent silver prices from going up, because if it does, then the banks will
owe their clients a lot of money, so, to "hedge" that exposure, they short at
the COMEX, which is the market that generates "price discovery", since trades
there create a trail and record of prices.

After all, imagine what the
silver prices would be if the LBMA banks actually went into the market to buy 13
billion ounces of silver, or 19 years worth of annual production. Clearly, the
silver prices could go hundreds if not thousands of times higher, and it could
destroy the entire financial system of paper money.

The revision was an
adjustment from $203 billion down to $93 billion, and the adjustment is strange,
because it was the only number that was repeatedly and consistently highlighted
in this silver stock report. It's also strange because the amount of the value
of the gold contracts, at $425 billion, and other commodities contracts, at
$3101, went unchanged for that reporting period.

This BIS change is
significant, both in the relatively large silver amounts, and the reporting
period. The change took place after I began publishing this BIS data, and soon
after I filed the first anti trust complaint against JP Morgan with the Justice
Department, in April, 2010.


This data change also took place after the filing of
approximately 25 lawsuits against JP Morgan over silver manipulation.

has been difficult to document the BIS data change, since they often change the
web links to their reports, and they change the reports directly. But a helpful
reader has discovered the original reports at the BIS website.

2009, Dec report: $203 billion for the June, 2009 period.

the 2010, June report: $203 billion for the June, 2009 period.

the 2010, December report: $93 billion for the June, 2009 period.

the 2011, June report: $93 billion for the June, 2009 period.

the BIS changes their urls and reports, I saved all of these pdf files, which
are archived here:


since the BIS changes their urls and reports, I also captured a print screen of
these pdf files being opened directly on the BIS website:


conclusion, it's not a "conspiracy theory" that the banks are manipulating the
silver market. The BIS bank data shows the conspiracy.

And when the
banks are saying indirectly, "don't trust us", given both the large amounts and
large changes in their published data, it would be foolish to trust

It's a mathematical certainty that silver prices will explode
upwards in price, and only people who hold their own silver will benefit from
the major value change that's coming.

You can buy real silver from us
at www.jhmint.com

have much lower prices, or premiums over spot, right now. Everyone wants to buy
on a dip. Now's your chance!

Silver is king, Go Gold !
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dérivés argent en forte baisse / statistiques Bri 2wecua10




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MessageRe: dérivés argent en forte baisse / statistiques Bri
par marie Jeu 7 Juil 2011 - 14:29

c'est énorme ça

je précise que ces statistiques de la BRI ne concernent pas seulement les usa mais toutes les places mondiales

et que cette baisse hallucinante des dérivés mondiaux ne concerne pas l'or, mais uniquement l'argent

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dérivés argent en forte baisse / statistiques Bri
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