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excellentes news ecu , qui du coup se reveille

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Messageexcellentes news ecu , qui du coup se reveille
par marie Mar 8 Aoû 2006 - 20:54

excellentes news ecu , qui du coup se reveille , +15.62% en live


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MessageRe: excellentes news ecu , qui du coup se reveille
par marie Mer 9 Aoû 2006 - 2:24

et particulierement pour Sandro in holidays .. sous les palmiers

And then, ECU Silver scored ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!

Dear Shareholders,
Today's press release, simply put is very big news.

Not only were the results extremely impressive, but most encouraging is that we may have found another sector amenable to bulk mining which is completely new and from our other previous workings.

As we progress, we continue to find more and more which ultimately has a huge impact on our total resources, production capacity and overall shareholder value.

Today's news has also led to a reevaluation of several areas, where veinlets were found but never assayed, even in the upper levels of the mine. Should these turn out to be of economical interest, they would be immediately available to add to production. Needless to say that this type of zone will also have a significant positive impact on the resources base and again the value of the Company.

Truly yours,
Michel Roy

Citation :
. A new raise in the "San Mateo" vein cut 12.42 g/t Au (0.40 oz/t) and 6,068 g/t Ag (195 oz/t) over 0.30 meter (1 foot);

. Higher assays than previously obtained for the A1, A2, A3 and A4 veins of the Santa Juana mine;

. Increase in quantity of veins and veinlets on level 18 indicates potential for bulk mining;

. New sulfide-rich intercept in the stockwork…

extrait de le news précédente ... ==> san mateo = NOUVEAU secteur soleil prometteur

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Messageet la news du jour , commentee chez midas
par marie Ven 18 Aoû 2006 - 1:50

et la news du jour ... je plane pour toi commentée chez midas ( +6.43% today à 2.65 )



ECU, another staunch GATA supporter and my largest holding, has done it again, with perhaps their best news yet … the widths are widening, which is further indication of enormous bulk tonnage. The press release:


A fellow Cafe member and very large ECU shareholder, who knows his stuff, puts the latest results in laymen terms:
ECU came out with what I consider to be one the most significant news releases that the company has ever published late today.

Highly impressive assay results of:

- 14.8 metres (48.4 feet) of WIDTH grading 5.13 g/t Au, 22 g/t silver (Ag), 0.45 per cent lead (Pb) and 0.5 per cent zinc (Zn);

 Included in the 14.8-metre intercept are six metres (19.7 feet) of WIDTH grading 7.78 g/t Au, 38 g/t Ag, 0.99 per cent Pb and 1.18 per cent Zn in hole No. TA 17.5-10; and  also included in the 14.8 metres is a 2.1 feet WIDE vein grading 43.9 g/t Au and 50 g/t Ag( almost 1.5 ounces of gold equiv/t)

These are serious numbers when you consider the width of the zone. Remember, this stockwork zone is located between two major Veins, the A4 and the Santa Juana, which ECU has already proven with hard data that they have vertical and horizontal continuity of OVER 500 meters each (2,000 feet). More drilling is required but we are already talking about this stockwork zone that is over 48.4 feet WIDE with solid gold grades that can have length and vertical continuity of over hundreds of feet. The potential is clearly there.

From the PR:

“With the on-going increase in gold grades as we proceed deeper, our geological model that a major feeder system exists at depth continues to accumulate further evidence that indeed this will be the case.”

So as good as these results are, they are alluding to the fact that the grades will only get better at depth when we actually find the source of all these veins. I am convinced more then ever that ECU, despite their drilling success to date, still has its best days ahead of it.

I am not a geologist, but when a company continues to encounter mineralization in almost every direction it drills over and over again, and the grades ONLY get better at depth, it tells me the best is yet to come. This could be very well be the case where ECU is looking for the real big jewel at depth, but it really looks like the entire property is just one BIG jewel.

Also from the PR:

“This investigation, started in the upper levels of the mine, has already found a sector of interest near the Santa Juana vein on level 15. Several short crosscuts were driven to test and sample this sector and assays are pending.”

So not only have we found this excellent intercept on level 17.5 and below, but now the company is telling us they have encountered a similar section in ANOTHER level(150 that could be similar to this great find.

I can’t wait for the next PR because if they come out and state they have found yet another stockworh type zone that is on an entirely different level, that would be just add to my new theory, that this entire mine is a jewel top to the bottom.

On this winner from yet another knowledgeable Cafe member:

Hi Bill!
ECU released another batch of results today, and shareholders of this company may be feeling so bombarded with information that it is difficult to get a broad view of what the company is reporting. Back in May ECU announced a wide interval of stockwork mineralization that was encountered at one of the lower levels of the mine. I was able to walk through the drift where that zone was opened during my visit to the project in June, and it is a continuous zone of intensely mineralized rock that goes on for about 100 feet. Today we received more confirmation that this stockwork zone extends across a large tonnage of ore grade material. To have an intercept of nearly 50 feet with an average of 5.13 g/t gold and 22 g/t silver, along with lead and zinc credits, goes a long way to illustrate just how rich the deposit at Velardena has become.

That interval is just the width of the stockwork zone, and it could easily extend for several hundred feet at depth. To get a grasp on the potential size of this zone, consider a diagonal box with a lenght of 100 feet, a width of 50 feet, and a depth of 300 feet. The conceptual tonnage of such an ore body would amount to nearly 140,000 tons. That new zone alone would be enough to keep the recovery plant at Velardena running for an entire year at over 400 tons per day of production. The gross metal value for a ton of this stuff is over $130 at current metals prices.

Putting it all in perspective, the company was mining veins with average widths of less than a meter most of the year, and even so the operations are now efficient enough that ECU will be able to make money working in such a surgical environment. The benefit of this new bulk tonnage zone is that we can easily produce at a higher capacity mining that ore and the operating costs will drop significantly.

Since the current mine workings have been developed to allow access to this part of the mine already, the company will have the luxury to rapidly increase production levels without having the outlay of large additional capital costs to fund development. And since for most of the producing junior miners in Mexico the biggest issue is access to enough mineral inventory to keep production running efficiently, ECU is gradually distancing themselves from the rest of pack in their ability to rapidly discover and define large new ore zones almost on a weekly basis.

Just about any junior mining company in the world would consider this stockwork zone a significant new discovery and be delighted to find such a large new tonnage of ore with grades like we have seen today. Since ECU continues to follow a gradient of richer ore as the exploration probes deeper at the mines, they remain on the trail to a possible feeder zone where even higher ore grades could be encountered. And we have reasons to be encouraged that there may yet be other similar bulk tonnage discoveries at other targets near the existing mine workings.

ECU Silver has been compared with Gammon Lake Resources quite a bit lately, but there is one other important comparison of note. The management team at Gammon Lake did not get a great deal of credit in the early stages as they worked to prove up the Ocampo Deposit. Ocampo ultimately ranks as one of the largest deposits in Mexico, now approaching 9 million gold equivalent ounces. Of course, once Gammon Lake proved up the economic viability of their project there were quite a few analysts eager to get on board, and the stock has proven to be one of big success stories of the last decade in the mining world. I think ECU will follow in Gammon's footsteps in more ways than one, and the analsyts are going to have to sit up and take notice that Velardena is rapidly developing into a monster deposit. Eventually investors are going to figure out the story too, and the question is how much higher will ECU be trading before it becomes the next 'overnight success' story?
Mexico Mike

ECU Silver closed up 16 cents to $2.65 Cdn.

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  Inscription :   05/02/2005
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excellentes news ecu , qui du coup se reveille
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