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Plunge protection team / REPO /repurchase agreements

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Message Plunge protection team / REPO /repurchase agreements 
par marie  Ven 15 Avr 2005 - 14:40

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Message et en graphique , voila ce que ça donne 
par marie  Ven 22 Avr 2005 - 10:39

lecture complémentaire hautement conseillée :

Repurchase Agreements and The Dow

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Message Plunge protection team / Peter Grandish dénonce  
par du-puel  Mar 12 Sep 2006 - 21:57

alerte de Peter Grandsish

ici :


  Chef table à cartes
 Chef table à cartes


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Message PPT 
par GdB  Mer 13 Sep 2006 - 10:51

Oui, parmi de nombreuses choses fort intéressantes, je me permets de sortir ceci:

Citation :

“And perhaps the most important, there’s been – the Fed in 1989 created what is called the Plunge protection team, which is the Federal Reserve, big major banks, representatives of the New York Stock Exchange and the other exchanges, and there- they have been meeting informally so far, and they have kind of an informal agreement among major banks to come in and start to buy stock if there appears to be a problem. They have, in the past, acted more formally. I don’t know if you remember, but in 1998, there was a crisis called the Long term Capital crisis. It was a major currency trader and there was a global currency crisis. And they, at the guidance of the Fed, all of the banks got together when that started to collapse and propped up the currency markets. And they have plans in place to consider that if the stock markets start to fall.”

Mr. Crudele goes on to note how Robert Heller, a Federal Reserve governor, proposed in 1989 that the central bank prop up the stock market in times of crisis by purchasing stock index futures contracts. He then states that the PPT, “seems to have been born on March 18, 1988, when President Reagan signed Executive Order 12631 establishing a Working Group on Financial Markets that included the chairman of the various stock exchanges, the chairman and governors of the Federal Reserve, and the secretary of the U.S. Treasury, who was also the chairman.”

STOP - If you’re like the non-believers who ceremonially dismiss manipulation claims and even still do after reading what I just said, sit down, take a deep breath and be prepared to be honest with yourself if you truly seek truth.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke admits there’s a PPT in Congressional testimony!!!!!!!!

John Crudele, who I’m certain had a big grin from ear to ear when he wrote the column, published a column in the July 27, 2006, in the NY Post entitled, “COME CLEAN, BEN!”

Here’s the entire article:

FEDERAL Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke revealed that the secretive Plunge Protection Team meets several times a year, but he dodged a congressman's inquiries about what the group does and whether minutes are kept of those meetings.

So The Post has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for those minutes - specifically for the meetings that likely occurred immediately after the terrorist attacks in 2001.

I wrote about the Plunge Protection Team in a series of articles earlier this month. Formally called the Working Group on Financial Markets, it was formed in 1988 by President Reagan to advise Wall Street.

Headed by the Secretary of the Treasury, it also has top regulators and the chairman of the Fed as members.

But in addition to giving Wall Street advice, I suspect - and former White House adviser George Stephanopoulos seems to have confirmed - that the Plunge Protection team has morphed into something more active.

And Wall Street firms may have been invited to join.

What's clear from answers to questions posed by Rep. Ron Paul, (R.-Texas) is that new Fed chief Bernanke either doesn't know much about the role of the working group or preferred not to discuss the matter.

And, I think, it's time we found out a little more about an organization that could afford some Wall Street firms an opportunity to reap massive profits at the expense of ordinary investors.

Here's some of the exchange that occurred between Bernanke and Rep. Paul last Thursday at the House Financial Committee hearings.

Rep. Paul: Good afternoon, Chairman Bernanke. I have a question dealing with the Working Group on Financial Markets. I want to learn more about that group and exactly what authority they have and what they do.

Could you tell me, as a member of the group, how often they meet and how often they have actions? And have they done something recently? And are there reports sent out by this particular group?

Bernanke: Yes, congressman. The president's working group was convened by the president, I believe, after the 1987 stock market crash. It meets irregularly. I would guess about four or five times a year. But I'm not exactly sure.

And its primary function is advisory, to prepare reports. I mentioned earlier that we've been asked to prepare a report on the terrorism risk insurance. So that's what we generally do.

Rep. Paul: In the media you'll find articles that will claim, at least, that it's a lot more than advisory.

You know, if there is a stock market crash, that you literally have a lot of authority, you know, to impose restrictions. And we're talking about many trillions of dollars slushing around in all the financial markets. And this involves the Treasury and, of course, the Fed as well as the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) and the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission.)

And the reason this came to my attention was just recently there was an article that actually made a charge that out of this group came a position that interfered with the price of General Motors stock.

Have you read that? Or do you know anything about that?

Bernanke: No sir. I don't.

Rep. Paul: But back to the issue of meeting. You tell me it meets irregularly. But are there minutes kept, or are there reports made on this group?

Bernanke: I believe there are records kept by the staff. There are staff, mostly from Treasury, but also from other agencies.

Rep. Paul: And they would be available to us in the committee?

Bernanke: I don't know. I'm sorry. I don't know.

Rep. Paul obviously doesn't have a reporter's knack for the follow-up question, so here's what I would have asked next.

Crudele: Well, Mr. Bernanke, how about you find out! Someone in your position should know if, as former White House adviser Stephanopoulos has claimed, the Working Group on Financial Markets - the Plunge Protection Team - has the authority to interfere with the free market for stocks.

And we'd also like to know who makes decision for the group, politicians or guys on Wall Street. Don't misunderstand, Mr. Bernanke. I'm not saying what the group is doing is wrong. But why should firms like Goldman Sachs - from which two of the last four Treasury secretaries have come - be in a better position than anyone else who gambles in the stock market?

C'est ce que l'on appelle en quelque sorte "encadrer les marchés", mais dans une direction seulement, avec des acteurs intéressés au résultat et sur des bases manifestement plus maffieuses et secrètes que ce que l'on serait en droit d'attendre dans un pays démocratique...

Quelqu'un avait déjà entendu parler de ce Plunge protection team ("PPT"), renommé en langue politically correct "Working Group on Financial Markets" (!!!!)?


et aussi mon autre site



  Piano bar
 Piano bar


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Message Re: Plunge protection team / REPO /repurchase agreements 
par g.sandro  Mer 13 Sep 2006 - 19:50

Si on connaît la PPT? fire Bien sûr GdB...On en parle et on les chambre depuis maintenant 6 ans sur Pourceau, puis Actigold, et maintenant ici...

elle a 18 ans...le bel âge... et a été conçue lors du Krach d'Octobre 1987...

C'est comme le FMI, pas forcément une mauvaise idée à la base, mais graduellement dévoyée de ses mandats initiaux et utilisée déormais UNIQUEMENT pour prolonger l'illusion d'une valeur intrinsèque du Dollos, de l'inutilité et de la dangerosité du Gold (et des PM's en général).

On les voit surtout agir dans les 5 premières minutes, à la fin de la 1ere heure et , bien évidemment, dans les 10 dernières minutes de chaque séance (ils achètent des call et vendent grave des puts DJIA pour doper le en plus ça leur rapporte des thunes...puisqu'ils ont un K pratiquement illimité dédié à des leviers +++

Leur rôle clé est que "Joe 6 packs" l'american citizen de base ( le clampin Lambda) puisse ouvrir son journal du samedi ( Barron's par ex) sans constater que vs la semaine d'avant, Gold est vert ( si les mines sont RED, c'est parfait)et que le DJ n'est pas trop rouge

Pour les mines, ils font l'inverse...ils paument forcément de la Thune on the long run, mais se refont à l'occasion des Shaking des weak hands ( as now) et puis quand tu vois qui c'est...(FED)...bah...tu te dis que quand bien même ils en perdraient... de la Thune c'est pas trop hard à trouver, ils cliquent

"Frime? Ach... quête...!"

Le Liberalisme version "Liberty land" r.ire ; faîtes ce que je dis mais surtout pas ce que je fais, tiens, c'est simple, ne dîtes pas ce que je fais...!" berk

C'est au nom du "libre marché" (qui pour moi n'est pas une fin en soi) qu'on manipule le marché au nom de sa liberté sans est libre monter...c'est de la liberté conditionnelle...

Toujours dans le même sens... devine lequel... na !

Silver is king, Go Gold !
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Message Re: Plunge protection team / REPO /repurchase agreements 
par marie  Mar 5 Fév 2008 - 18:06

Repurchase agreement / plunge protection team

REPO ou comment la PPT intervient ( pour ne pas dire manipule ) les marchés obligataires, d'actions, des devises et de matières premières

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Message Re: Plunge protection team / REPO /repurchase agreements 
par marie  Mar 28 Sep 2010 - 11:15

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Plunge protection team / REPO /repurchase agreements

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